Monday, June 29, 2009

Drinking Films

Posting on "Beerlympics" made me think of "soon to be a classic" film that came out a few years back called "Beerfest", in which a group of rapscallions represent the USA in a beer-game tournament in Germany, both for pride and to win an old family brewery. It's one of the films that features beer drinking so prominently, you really have no choice but to crack one open while you're watching. It got me to thinking what other good drinking movies are out there?

1) "Lost Weekend" with Ray Milland, from the 1940s--he's a recovering alcoholic in that one and you can really sympathize with the demons he's fighting with in his attempt to go sober.

2) "Animal House"--this one's an obvious one, as the scene-stealer--Bluto Blutarsky--was drinking heavily throughout the film, which also featured keg parties and assorted hijinks at bars that had many "negroes" who wanted to "dance with their dates".

3) "The Big Lebowski"--this film featured a great deal of sipping of White Russians (or "Caucasians" as the Dude called them).

4) "Road House." Taking place in a blues bar, this film didn't actually show much drinking--just the results of too much drinking!

5) "The Notebook". I can't watch this film without being completely plastered.

In the comments, please leave your nominees for other great drinking films.

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